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Sturgeon Full Moon

This Full Moon is referred to by Native American tribes as the “Sturgeon Moon”, with the reason being, that the sturgeon of the Great Lakes were most readily caught during this time. This particular Moon will be residing in the sign Aquarius, which is known for the energies of altruism, freethinking, free will and friendship.  What we want and what we need are two desires that may seem to be like two ships passing in the night. 

The Women

Brooke & Camille met through the virtual world, and instantly forged a bond across the country. Resonating on just about any aspect of life, they hit it off and knew their sisterhood would be one to last a lifetime. Meeting and gathering their families in both of their homes, they discovered they had more to share in the world together. 

Embrace Your Wildness

We'll gather in the majestic forest of Maine. We'll swim in wild waters, we'll forage wild fruit, we'll dance under the moonlight. Join Brooke & Camille and 20 other women in Maine, enjoy refreshing and delicious food, dance with Cacao around the Fire, and dive into the world of herbal inspiration. 


Fire & Cacao Ceremony

Under the Full Moon

Cacao has an energy, a personality, if you will- as do all gifts from nature. 

"Cacao holds a very powerful feminine energy. I see myself in her. She's feisty, sensual and demanding. She stirs in us a remembering. She asks the questions we've been running from. She comes to make moments sacred and calls to our inner wild. She is powerful medicine and she sees right through our bullshit. She is ancient and relevant, she is old and she is new, all in the same breath. She breaks down our walls and our stories and silences our minds so that our hearts can speak." – Brooke Hampton, 'daughters of the moon' 

On Saturday evening, after our sunset prayer, we will gather dance with her around the fire. We will call in the directions. We will sing. We will bask in the moonlight.

We invite you to prepare your soul for this sacred and magical journey.  


*Ceremonial Cacao is chocolate in it's purest form. We will be brewing up a drink of ceremonial cacao and cayenne. Basically, a hot chocolate fit for a Goddess.


Refreshing Food


Camping under the stars


Enjoy treats from the land


Three Lily Farm is an off-grid homestead and retreat center based in Midcoast Maine. Beautiful camping spots around the land will be provided for every guest. The land is bursting with wild food, herbs, fruit, and don't forget the luscious spring fed pond available through the weekend. 


Sacred Feminine Art Expression

with Jessica Peill-Meininghaus

The Gnome Woman

When I wet-felted my first piece, a ball, at the age of sixteen, I was hooked. After spending time creating wet-felted gnomes and tapestries, I came across needle felting and was suddenly able to lend more detail to my work than ever before. I am constantly looking for inspiration and seek out challenges to expand my horizons.

When I’m not felting, I am usually homeschooling three of my four children, tending to our animals, working with children with disabilities, writing and tending to our homestead in Maine.


Yoga & Flow Movement

with Danielle Ribaudo

Modern Day Yogini

Danielle Ribaudo has been practicing yoga for a life-time and teaching for the last ten years. She is fascinated by the connections between the physical and emotional bodies, inspired to move beyond boundaries and view our options as limitless. She firmly believes our personal tragedies edge us closer to reaching our higher selves. 

In her class you’ll explore a dynamic blend of asana that focuses on alignment with a strong guidance of breath. Be prepared to challenge yourself -whether it be mentally or physically - through asana, pranayama + meditation. Most importantly - keep your heart light throughout your practice, and allow space for laughter as you explore within. 


Harvest & Embrace Herbs for Women's Health

Gather direct from the wild and the garden, herbs that inspire health and thriving in the body of a woman. Drink the nourishing teas, and learn about what you can make with these herbs. 

Go Smudge Yourself

Kidding, though really! When was the last time you used sacred plants to clear your energy? In this portion, we will enter the forest and harvest the sacred plant medicine to make smudging sticks. 

Herbs for Dream Inspiration

Learn how to make a dream amulet for those who want to enhance their dreams and to help with deep sleeping. This blend will encourage peaceful sleeping and positive dreaming. We will gather and dry the herbs from the land to go into our dream pillows. 

Sovereign Rising

Was born out of a conversation between 2 women, desiring to share what they have discovered with the world. Join Brooke Hampton & Camille Giglio and dive into this journey with us.

Sovereign Rising

I can remember that moment so clearly. So dark and full of fear. I was sitting, lost on my laundry room floor shaking, my soul broken open and wondering what the hell I was sent here for. I was suffering from severe anxiety. I felt alone and misunderstood. I think, sometimes it take that kind of darkness to break down our walls and allow room for truth. 

In that place of dispair I finally let my heart hear what my mind had been trying to ignore. When I let myself connect and hear, the message I received was so simple. My heart simply said, "remember who you are" 

It's been a long journey and it hasn't been easy. But I have begun to find my power, my magic and my truth. I have rebuilt a relationship with my intuition and my instincts are following close behind. My daily life is not really changed much, but I have changed and that has made all the difference. The magic was there. The power was there. The reasons to be happy were there. I just couldn't see them. 

Sovereign Rising was birthed from a heart space of feeling called to share the account of my rising. I have come here, to this sacred space with you, to show you the things and places and habits that helped me remember who I truly am. 

I'm so glad that you found your way here. 

Take my hand and let us rise together. 

Brooke Hampton


I'm ready! Take me to Maine.