A sisterhood of wild women standing in sovereignty as we collectively rise!

Join Brooke Hampton & Camille Giglio

July 26th - 29th, 2018


Full Moon Gathering

The wise women that came before us knew how to use the energy of the moon and the rhythms of nature to work magic and beauty into their lives. We are going to tap into that remembering in us. A new age of ancient ways baby! We are going to create sacred space for you to listen to the song of your heart, decide what your soul really wants, set your intentions. Then we will be standing together with the goal of leaving this circle with the power to manifest our souls truest desires.


The Women

Brooke & Camille met through the virtual world, and instantly forged a bond across the country. Resonating on just about any aspect of life, they hit it off and knew their sisterhood would be one to last a lifetime. Meeting and gathering their families in both of their homes, they discovered they had more to share in the world together. 


Embrace Your Wildness

We'll gather in the lush woods of Maine. We'll dance around the fire, and sing under the moonlight. Join Brooke & Camille and 30 other women in Maine, enjoy refreshing and delicious food, dance with Cacao, take uplifting and empowering workshops, get nourished by clean organic food and chocolate elixir, explore artistic feminine expression, and dive into the world of herbal inspiration. 


Fire & Cacao Ceremony

Under the full Moon

Cacao has an energy, a personality, if you will- as do all gifts from nature. 

"Cacao holds a very powerful feminine energy. I see myself in her. She's feisty, sensual and demanding. She stirs in us a remembering. She asks the questions we've been running from. She comes to make moments sacred and calls to our inner wild. She is powerful medicine and she sees right through our bullshit. She is ancient and relevant, she is old and she is new, all in the same breath. She breaks down our walls and our stories and silences our minds so that our hearts can speak." – Brooke Hampton, 'daughters of the moon' 

On Saturday evening, after our sunset prayer, we will gather dance with her around the fire. We will call in the directions. We will sing. We will bask in the energy of the new moon.

We invite you to prepare your soul for this sacred and magical journey.  


*Ceremonial Cacao is chocolate in it's purest form. We will be brewing up a drink of ceremonial cacao and cayenne. Basically, a hot chocolate fit for a Goddess.



Organic, Refreshing Food


Lovingly Prepared


Plenty of Chocolate


nourish body, mind and spirit.

Gabrielle Brick, our official Sovereign Rising chef, is back again to delight our palates and nourish our bodies during the retreat with all an organic, wild, superfood fare. 

Gabrielle is a Nutrition Specialist, Empowerment and Executive Coach. She has 20 years of experience in coaching people to their optimal state of well being having started out as a professionally trained dancer for 25 years and a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Fitness Association. After healing her own chronic health issues, including depression and addictive patterns, Gabrielle went on to help many heal from their own pain, both physical and emotional. Her ability to help people overcome and transform their lives is derived from her ability to help people re-discover their authentic self by leading them on a journey through holistic nutrition and radical self love. 


Feminine Art Expression

Our creative outlet for this retreat will be wildly unique! Creative power is where our magic magic is hidden and it’s so often overlooked or left for people more “artsy” or “talented”. Oh, but it’s not about what it looks like, it’s about how it makes you feel. Creativity heals the soul and fuels our rising.


Adventurous Writing

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” -Ernest Hemingway

Write it the way it feels. Be unrealistic, be selfish, be adventurous, be vulnerable....be real. Let that pen show you the way to your most authentic self.

Sit down, open your heart and bleed ink!


Morning Movement

We recognize that not every type of movement is for everyone, so we will be switching it up.

Warming up our bodies to the sunshine, dancing our hearts out, feeling strong in who we are, and stretching in ways that feel oh so good.

Sacred Sexuality 

In this workshop we will imbibe delicate raw chocolate treats and sip warm soothing elixirs that will awaken our senses and root us into our body. It is here that we will begin to explore the world of sensuality. Our connection with food, our connection with our body and our mental landscape get to play in a world where everything is safe and we are allowed to be our fully expressed selves. 


Harvest & Embrace Herbs for Women's Health

Gather direct from the wild and the garden, herbs that inspire health and thriving in the body of a woman. Learn how to create your own tea blends and tinctures.


Go Smudge Yourself

Kidding, though really! When was the last time you used sacred plants to clear your energy? In this portion, we will enter the forest and harvest the sacred plants to make smudging sticks. 


Tea Time

It's time tea! Let's gather in the evenings for a little soul talk and poetry. This will be a time for us to sit together with no agenda...just tea and anti-bullshit conversation. We'll meet you there. 

-Brooke & Camille

Sovereign Rising

Was born out of a conversation between 2 women, desiring to share what they have discovered with the world. Join Brooke Hampton & Camille Giglio and dive into this journey with us.

Sovereign Rising

I can remember that moment so clearly. So dark and full of fear. I was sitting, lost on my laundry room floor shaking, my soul broken open and wondering what the hell I was sent here for. I was suffering from severe anxiety. I felt alone and misunderstood. I think, sometimes it take that kind of darkness to break down our walls and allow room for truth. 

In that place of dispair I finally let my heart hear what my mind had been trying to ignore. When I let myself connect and hear, the message I received was so simple. My heart simply said, "remember who you are" 

It's been a long journey and it hasn't been easy. But I have begun to find my power, my magic and my truth. I have rebuilt a relationship with my intuition and my instincts are following close behind. My daily life is not really changed much, but I have changed and that has made all the difference. The magic was there. The power was there. The reasons to be happy were there. I just couldn't see them. 

Sovereign Rising was birthed from a heart space of feeling called to share the account of my rising. I have come here, to this sacred space with you, to show you the things and places and habits that helped me remember who I truly am. 

I'm so glad that you found your way here. 

Take my hand and let us rise together. 

Brooke Hampton


I'm ready! Let's rise.